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By Caroline Clemmons

The historical western romance, A BRIDE FOR GIDEON, is one of my favorites of the books I’ve written. Happily for me, Book Authority agreed and chose this book as the Number One Best Proxy Bride Book of All Time! Wow—you can imagine how much that pleased me. I’ll take that kind of news any day. A BRIDE FOR GIDEON is book 16 of the multi-author Proxy Brides Series. The cover, designed by Virginia McKevitt is also one of my favorites. The model appears just as I always wanted to look. Sigh.

Let yourself travel back to 1871. It’s an easy trip with your handy ereader or in print. I enjoy reading on my phone’s Kindle app.

Even when it’s for a good reason, starting over is difficult. That is what the heroine of A BRIDE FOR GIDEON had to contemplate. In 1871, Keira Cameron left Scotland to come to Boston and live with her favorite cousin. Ten years before, Gideon Ross had left Scotland and brought his younger sister to Chicago to stay with relatives. I am excited about this book, which unites Keira and Gideon via a proxy marriage. Incidentally, I learned that proxy marriages and double proxy marriages are still performed today.)

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Here is the synopsis for A BRIDE FOR GIDEON.

Keira desperately wants to belong somewhere

Gideon is haunted by a secret too horrible to share

Fate conspires against them…   


Keira Cameron came to Boston from Scotland after the death of her parents. She wanted a job, a husband, and eventually a family. She feels rejected because she’s too tall, too foreign, and too pretty for a wife to want her working near a woman’s husband. Were her expectations unreasonable? Her cousin convinces her to enter a proxy marriage to his friend, Gideon Ross, who lives in Montana Territory. Out of options, she agrees and hopes her goals will be realized.

 Gideon Ross is a large man at five inches over six feet. His business is a smithy and gun repair shop. The war left him with a terrible scar on his face. He wears a beard to try to conceal the scar but still hears people whisper he’s a monster and a giant. Do they think he has no feelings? He’s haunted by the war and has terrible nightmares. Reluctantly, he agrees to wed Keira by proxy.

 Outside forces work against the couple. Keira and Gideon must find the key to the attack on their lives. Can they defeat the enemy before they’re too late?


If you read my books—and I certainly hope you do—then you know I always like a little mischief and mayhem working against the hero and heroine. This book is no exception.

If you’d like to be included in a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card, comment on this blog between January 26th and January 30th. I’ll announce the winner on February 2nd. If you haven’t already read this book, now is the perfect time.

I enjoy writing novels which end in happily-ever-after. My goal is to provide a brief distraction from stresses and cares while I entertain readers. To each of you who buy my books, thank you! If you also leave a review, double thanks.

Stay safe and keep reading! 

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