Friday, March 29, 2024


By Caroline Clemmons

 A terrible and baffling problem occurred with my new book, KEITH AND THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE. The wrong file was uploaded to Amazon! I didn’t realize what had happened until I saw a review that mentioned how many error there were in the book. 


What? But, sure enough, when I checked I was appalled—and humiliated!

 The edited file had disappeared, so we re-edited the book and uploaded the new, corrected file to Amazon. If you purchased one of the error-filled copies, I sincerely apologize. On the other hand, if you haven’t yet read KEITH, now is the perfect time. Here’s the buy link:


I love the characters in this book—except for the villains, of course. Even bad guys have their place in a story. The orphans Keith and Elliana adopt create a family feeling. For me, children enliven a story, just as they do in life. I’m certainly grateful for our two daughters! The house is gorgeous. In case you think no one could get such a wonderful home at a bargain, let me tell you that I once knew a couple who did. They had a party there soon after they moved in. The only furniture in the main part of the home were folding chairs and a couple of folding tables they borrowed from their church.

 In addition to the review by Linda Lou that alerted me to the errors in my book (shudder), there are many, many good reviews, such as these:

Another gem of a story in this series and hoping there will be more.”

“Keith and the Mail Order Bride was so good I read it all in half a day. Can’t wait for the authors other books.”

“So refreshing to read new book by Caroline Clemmons! As always,, well-written, good plot, setting, and characters.

"Kept me up reading well past my bedtime!”


Keep Reading!

I’m at work on the next book in the series, which is about Sid Garton, owner of Garton’s Mercantile. I’m enjoying the book, and hope your will, too.


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