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Once Again Mine by Maia Ambrose



 If she gives me one more chance, I’ll risk it all for that forever kind of love.

A BWWM Firefighter Romance  

Once Again Mine

by Maia Ambrose

Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance

Ex-flame alert! My high school sweetheart’s back home unannounced.

She’s got me hooked with those mesmerizing eyes and curves that won't stop.

Stranded in a snowstorm?

Not complaining when her velvety brown sugar skin warms things up.

I crave the love we had -

But she's got real grown woman problems,

And a controlling streak that drives me wild—especially in the bedroom.

Our fiery encounters are louder than my fire truck's horn.

Sure, she's used to the public eye, but all I want is her attention.

If she gives me one more chance, I'll risk it all for that forever kind of love.

Even if it means leaving everything behind.

Just hoping I survive long enough to make it happen.


Once Again Mine is a standalone interracial romance. You can expect a second chance stuck together HEA romance between Jake and Savannah. Steamy scenes and explicit language are included and intended for mature audiences only.

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“Next up on our segment of StarShocked…you know her, you all love her. Our special guest today and 

your favorite media personality, Savannah Davis!” 

I inhale deeply and exhale with just as much force. My publicist Juan said this was the best way to curb 

the rumors. In his words ‘You have to show the public that wonderful news anchor they fell in love with 


I would rather show them what my middle finger looks like, but then I might as well kiss my job 


“That’s your cue Miss Savannah,” one of the production crew urges me forward. Bracing myself, I step 

onto the stage, raising my hand in a fake princess wave to cover my eyes from the glaring light; my 

practiced smile turns on as I walk towards Brittani. 

Brittani Hayward is the host of the BeTalks and whom I’ve known for eight years. We were co-hosts on 

the Morning Tea, but the show got canceled, and Brittani was let go while I became the main anchor on 

KBLE - a multinational news channel and the leading media platform in New York. Brittani has held a 

grudge against me ever since then. 

Fortunately, we have never had to cross paths, and I made sure to stay out of her radar. But one vicious 

rumor later and Juan’s anxious ass sends me straight into her net to ‘get right with the streets.’ He feels 

her show is the best way to stop people from talking since she has the right influence and audience to 

shift the public’s opinion. It’s supposed to be an easy win, but I’m pretty sure Brittani has other plans. 

This thorn of a rumor is about me having an affair with my boss Liam Walsh, the CEO of KBLE Media. It 

started a week ago and has gotten worse. The media buzz alleges that I had an affair with him when he 

was still married to his recently divorced wife and now people are questioning if my position as news 

anchor was earned or gifted. 

It’s all bull, but when it comes to my line of work, the public’s opinion matters. BeTalks is a chance for 

me to break my silence and lay the rumor to rest once and for all, yet I wish it was on a more unbiased 


She welcomes me with a large grin full of pearly whites and glossy lips, a smile that has all the signs of 

viciousness and malintent. The first image that comes to mind is the Cheshire Cat. I involuntarily gulp. 

“Brittani, I’m so happy to be here,” my false smile grows wider. We hug before she leads me to the seats 

and takes the couch opposite me as I take mine. 

“Of course,” she says before turning to the audience, “You guys may know this, but Savannah and I go 

way back,” she tells them before turning to me, “Isn’t that right Savannah?” 

“Oh yeah, our glorious Morning Tea days,” I reply to her even though that is not what we should discuss. 

Brittani laughs a little too loudly, “Ah the memories, you were so ambitious and driven then it was 

almost scary. Look at us now, both successful anchors of our talk shows.” 

“I’m a news anchor on KBLE news, not a talk show,” I tell her and watch with satisfaction the slight slip 

in her smile. 

“Right. So, girlfriend,” she leans in, and I instinctively lean back, “How has it been?” 

“Should we really be catching up on live television?” I ask her, my smile still in place and she laughs 

loudly again. What the hell is this?! 

“You are right, you are right. We will catch up later over a bottle of chilled Chardonnay, like the ol 

days,” the audience laughs along with her, “Well then, let’s just cut to the chase. StarShocked rules are 

simple, the audience gets to ask you questions, any question no matter how shocking and you have to 

answer them no matter what within eleven seconds. No holds barred. Are you ready?” 

Hell no. 

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I respond. 

She claps, and the audience follows suit, “Let’s get started…” 

The first few questions are basic like what my skincare routine is like, my preferred diet, and which 

female celebrity I would agree to a one-night stand with. 

“Okay so my question is about the current buzz about you,” the man holds the microphone and stares 

straight at me. The entire room seems to hold their breath suddenly as he nails the elephant in the 

room, “Are the rumors true? Did you have an affair with Liam Walsh?” 

I feel Brittani’s spiteful eyes on me, and I sit up straight. This is what I planned for, I rehearsed for this. 

It’s going to be a walk in the park. Hold your head up, you got this Savannah. 

Maia Ambrose is an African American Steamy Romance author from the Midwest who believes in the power of love and everything it has to offer. Her stories illustrate the dynamic of contemporary interracial relationships between strong, resilient black women and heart-throbbing, irresistible white men. Maia believes there's truly someone for everyone and aims to inspire more love energy in the world with her work.

Maia is a notorious night owl, who frequently burns the midnight oil, coming up with creative romantic ideas. When she's not writing her BWWM stories, she's spending time with the people she loves most and practicing self-care.

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