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by Caroline Clemmons

My friends Charlene Raddon, has a new book, THE OUTLAW AND THE SHERIFF. I love Charlene's writing--and so do her readers as you can tell by her 5-star ratings.

This series is a bit different in that each has an outlaw bride. Doesn't that sound intriguing? As you can see by the cover below, Charlene designs lovely, eye-catching covers when she wears her other hat, Silver Sage Covers.

Here's the blurb:

In the unforgiving landscapes of the Old West, Jerrellyn Ables confronts the moral quandary of her outlaw family's life when a bank heist leaves her wounded and forgotten by her kin. A twist of fate brings Blade McCreery, a charismatic ranch hand to her doorstep, saving her life and kindling an unexpected romance that challenges Jerrellyn's beliefs.

Determined to right the wrongs committed by her family, Jerrellyn faces peril as she tries to compensate a family they unwittingly harmed. Caught in the act, she's confined by her own blood, trapped between loyalty and her own redemption. Meanwhile, Blade, now the County Sheriff, leads a posse to capture the Ables gang, torn between justice and his burgeoning feelings for Jerrellyn.

As the showdown unfolds, questions loom: Will Jerrellyn escape her family's clutches? Can Blade reconcile his duty with his love for her? Amidst the dust of the Old West a vendetta-driven Pinkerton agent threatens their happiness. Will love prevail, or will Jerrellyn face the consequences of her family's crimes?

You can find the THE OUTLAW AND THE SHERIFF on Amazon at the following link:

Let Charlene tell you a little about herself in her own words:

Believe it or not, I began my fiction career in the third grade when I told my class that a little sister I never had died of a black widow bite. I also wrote books through my teen years, always about a girl whose mother mistreated her by making her wash dishes, sweep the floor... you get the idea. Never finished any of those stories. But the idea of writing a real book and publishing it never occurred to me. It was a particularly vivid dream that drove me to drag out a portable typewriter and go to work on my first novel. In 1990, my second completed book, TENDER TOUCH, brought me a first place win in a writing contest and the following year became a Golden Heart finalist. That won me an agent and a contract from Kensington, who published five of my western historical romance novels. My books have placed or won in other contests as well. FOREVER MINE received a Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award nomination. I've always loved the Old West and I believe my novels reflect that emotion through their depth and vibrancy. I am always working on a new story. I hope you try my books and enjoy them. Follow me on my website at and get a free book.

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