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Remember the movie “Catch Me If You Can”, about the man who successfully pretended to be a variety of professions—from co-pilot to physician? Imagine the organized (and frightening) mind it took to pull off those feats. Posing as someone you aren’t must be nerve wracking even for a sociopath. I suppose con men and swindlers may live an extended charade as a way of life. Do you wonder if they ever start to believe they’re who they pretend to be?

In the upcoming Christmas story MAIL ORDER GLORIA: IMPOSTOR FOR CHRISTMAS, book 7, now available for preorder, Gloria is given an amazing opportunity. She’s yearned for a different life, something she’d dreamed of but hasn’t been able to manage on her own. Although she’d been desperate to get away from her life in Georgia, she is both relieved and scared by her opportunity. There’s a catch—isn’t there always? For at least a short while, Gloria must pretend to be her friend, Juliet. Gloria’s friend extracts a promise that she won’t reveal her true identity until Juliet sends word.

Here’s the description of MAIL ORDER GLORIA.

A desperate woman…

A distrustful rancher with a secret…

And a boy in need of a family.

Orphaned at an early age and sent to live with her relatives, Gloria Tabor is unhappy with her treatment from her snobby aunt and spiteful cousin. In desperation, Gloria leaves her only relatives’ home. No matter what happens, she vows she will be more forceful and stronger in the future. No more timid and shy wallflower. But with her tiny savings, where is she to go? The question is sobering, but she is determined she will not return to her kin’s home.

While deliberating her lack of choice, she overhears a young man comforting a sobbing woman that she recognizes as a friend from school. After a few minutes of conversation with them, the young woman offers Gloria the chance to escape to a ranch in Texas as a mail order bride. In exchange, Gloria must promise not to divulge her real identity until the couple has successfully eloped and managed reconciliation with the friend’s father. Though hating the idea of lying, Gloria is too relieved at the opportunity to say no.

When she changes trains on the way to her prospective groom, Gloria rescues a ten-year-old boy from a policeman threatening to take the boy to the local orphanage. Heart filled with sympathy for the homeless child, she intercedes. Later, she wonders how her prospective groom will react to her bringing a child with her, especially after she learns his propensity for “finding” money.

Texas rancher Dwight Price is a stickler for honesty. Once someone has lost his confidence, he won’t trust the person again. He strives to live up to his beliefs. On the one hand, he isn’t certain he wants to wed the daughter of his father’s oldest friend. On the other hand, he looks forward to a life of quiet harmony with his mail order bride.

Near Christmas, Gloria gets a telegram releasing her from her promise. Dwight wants to know who sent the wire and why. Her explanation destroys the faith he had in her—and then his own secret crops up.

Can these two overcome the damage to their relationship or will each be alone again?


If you like sweet western historical romance, you’ll enjoy MAIL ORDER GLORIA. This is a stand-alone, complete sweet western historical romance novella set in 1880.


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Enjoy an excerpt of when Gloria and Dwight’s first meet:

The stage slowed and came to a stop in a cloud of dust. Gloria sat paralyzed by a myriad of thoughts. What if her groom didn’t accept her? What if he was angry she’d brought Mike? What if he was mean or a drunk? His letters had sounded nice, but he could have lied.

Mike stared at her. “You’re awful pale. You gonna be sick or something?”

She sighed and relaxed her grip on the seat. “I’ll be fine, but thank you for asking.”

Mr. Kelly reached for the door. “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll get out and then help you, Miss Forest.” He climbed to the ground and then turned to extend his hand to her.

“Thank you, Mr. Kelly. You’ve been very kind.”

Mike followed her and jumped to the ground. He looked around. “Not a big town, is it?”

The man smiled at Mike. “Big for these parts. Hasn’t been long since they had to fight Indians and renegades hereabouts. Well, I’ll bid you good day and good luck.” He tipped his hat and reached for his suitcase.

She became aware of a group of people waiting on the board sidewalk. The younger of the two men caught her eye. He was tall and wore a black suit with a white shirt and an odd black tie that tied in front. Goodness, but if he’d smile he’d be handsome.

The couple with him must be his parents and the boy his son, Tommy. The smiling man she supposed to be Dwight Price’s father looked like an older version of him, though not as robust. The woman smiled and her face displayed the lines to prove she smiled often. Tommy was tall for his age.

The man she thought to be Dwight stepped forward. “Juliet?...Miss Forest?”

She avoided lying by not answering the question. “You must be Dwight Price. I’m pleased to finally be here.” She put an arm around Mike’s shoulders. “This is my newly adopted son, Mike.”

Dwight’s face clouded. “Son? I had no idea.”

Mike tried to scoot behind her, but she held on to his shoulders.

“He and I met in Chattanooga and he agreed to become my son. Since you have a son near the same age, I thought you wouldn’t mind.”

Mike swallowed hard. “Sh-She s-sa-saved me from the orphanage. She said I can call her Mama.”

After what seemed like a long time, but probably was only a couple of seconds, Dwight offered her his arm. “Come and meet the family. You, too, Mike.”

She pulled Mike forward as they stepped onto the boardwalk.

“This is my mother, Orinda Mae.”

The woman pulled Gloria into a big hug. “I’m so glad you’re here. You just call me mama.” She released her and grabbed Mike’s upper arms. “You call me Grandma.”

Mike swallowed hard again. “R-Really? I can call you Grandma?”

“You sure can. I’m pleased Juliet brought you. I hear orphanages are awful places, though they are necessary.”

Dwight guided her to his father. “Juliet, you may remember my father, Jeff.”

She smiled at the man. “I was a different person then.” Not a lie but it felt like one.

Misrepresenting herself to these nice people knotted her stomach. This appeared to be the kind of family she’d always hoped would include her. She’d enjoy this life as long as she could. No matter what happened, she’d have good memories. Even if they sent her away when they learned the truth, perhaps they’d let Mike stay on the ranch.

Papa Price beamed at her. “It’s been a long time, but you were pretty then and you are now. I remember you as being a real sweet girl.”

“Thank you for saying so. I’ll try not to disappoint you.” She’d do everything she could to make herself fit into the family.

“You call me Papa or Jeff—whichever makes you comfortable.”

Tears pricked her eyelids. How she’d missed her own father. “I’d like to call you Papa if you’re sure.”

He leaned forward and kissed her cheek. “That’d please me.”

Papa extended his hand to Mike. “Glad to have you. Call me Grandpa.”

“Thank you, sir.” Mike grinned. “I mean Grandpa.”

Dwight beamed at the young boy who was next in the line of people waiting. “This is my son, Tommy. He and Mike should get along well since they’re about the same age.”

Tommy smiled at her. “I’m eight now. Can I call you Mama?”

“Of course you may. Can I call you Tommy?”

Tommy giggled.

Mike shrugged. “I’m ten.” In a stage whisper, he added, “She says a lot of funny things.”

I love this story and hope readers will share my enjoyment. Preorder now for a December 3rd release. You remember the magic of preorder—select the book now and poof! It will appear in your e-reader like magic on release day. That seems miraculous to me.

In the meantime, stay safe and keep reading! 

P. S. Don't forget this is a delightful new series to be released starting November 12th. Check out the series page:  At that site, you’ll find nine books listed.

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