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7 FOLDS OF WINTER is a young adult tale that will also appeal to adults who love fantasy. To me it appears a blend of ancient lore, fantasy, and a lesson in earth stewardship. In the opening, the main character, Traven, reminisces about his childhood and instruction from his Granny Barely. Obviously he listened to her, because he grew up to become Hero of the Realm. Here is some of her advice that I found especially true:

Wolves don’t wear no sheep’s clothes. They don’t have no needs because they wears the skin of man.

A deceitful tongue is like armor made of oiled paper. It shimmers and looks pretty in the light, but once the flames of truth brush against it, there’s nothing left but smoke.

This book is a fast-paced adventure sure to hold a young person’s interest. The imagery is vivid and the cast of characters varied and intriguing. Chrystalia, the heroine, is a delight. She is courageous and finds her inner strength. One of the characters I loved was Ornery, but each of the secondary characters is as well defined as the main characters. With an army of unlikely compatriots, Traven battles the mighty Winter King. Can Traven’s few helpers hope to overcome such a mighty foe? Can Traver win the hand of the Snow Maiden? No spoilers here. This book ends with a perfect lead into a second book, which I hope Ms McCray is writing. 

7 FOLDS OF WINTER is available for $3.99 from Smashwords

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Carolyn McCray is a writing instructor who has written indie-published bestselling mysteries, a religious mystery, romance, and now Young Adult. You can find her at She's taken the summer off from her blog, but you can follow her on Twitter at @craftycmc and @writingnodrama.

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