Monday, July 18, 2011


by Alyssa Fox

Pink Petal Books
ISBN 978-0-9835892-3-5
May 2011
Dr. Erin Miller is a resident at Maple Forge Memorial Hospital. She has a five-year career plan and is determined to stick to it. Unfortunately, a brief liaison with another doctor cast false doubts about her actual ability. She’d worked extra hard after they split, pulling extra shifts to prove she had what it took and wasn’t simply sleeping her way to the top. She’d worked her ass off to squash those rumors, and had kept her distance from men to make sure the gossip stayed squashed.

Now there’s a mentorship opening with the Chief Pediatric Surgeon, and Erin wants it. The new position wouldn’t be easy. Most of the time, it’d require longer hours. What better way to prepare than right now? This was a great opportunity and would be an impressive addition to her resume. There would be time to sleep once she had established herself as the premier candidate.

Dr. Kyle Reynolds is also a candidate for the mentorship. As far as he was concerned, there would be no competition for this position. He’d make sure of it. Well, Erin might want it; she was good at her job, and like him, she had been there since her residency. Erin was a damn good surgeon and didn’t take crap from anyone. But he was sure he was better.

This was in the bag for him, no two ways about that. He’d worked hard all these years to get this position, even lost his child and wife to the job. Work was all he had left, and he’d be damned if he let someone take this opportunity from him now.

But life has a way of interferring with plans, as Erin and Kyle learn. Obviously, Erin and Kyle cannot each succeed. What they learn is that life presents opportunities and challenges, and that each of us has a role to fill.

In her debut novel, Alyssa Fox has set up an excellent conflict and engaging characters--with emotions that pull the reader into the story. If you like medical romances, you’re sure to love THE ROAD TO RECOVERY.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an impartial review.

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Sounds like an interesting story! Nice review.