Tuesday, July 05, 2011


CHASING AMANDA is the latest release from award winning author Melissa Foster.

Molly Tanner is cursed/gifted with clairvoyance, which she calls The Knowing. For the most part, she’s kept the talent hidden for fear of rejection. But her life fell apart nine years ago when she witnessed a child, Amanda Curtis, being abducted from a Philadelphia parking lot and didn’t question the man who said the girl's screams were because he wouldn’t buy her a doll. Later, Molly saw in her visions what happened to Amanda, and has lived with debilitating guilt since--to the point of almost losing her sanity. To help her, Dr. Cole Tanner moved his wife and son from Philadelphia to a small town in Maryland.

For eight years, the Tanners have been happy in their new home. Eric, the Tanner’s son is in his first year of university, Molly is active in the new community, and Cole is a respected physician. Molly feels safe and accepted. . . until the day Tracey Porter disappears from a playground. Guilt from the first abduction overwhelms Molly, but she is determined that this time she will speak out in time to save the child.

As her visions surface, so does Cole’s insistence that she let the police handle the crime. Molly knows Tracey is alive because visions reveal Tracey’s fear and that she is kept in a dark place. Molly’s search uncovers old and new crimes and old and new secrets. Does she dare risk all? And can Molly help Tracey in time to save her?

I don’t give spoilers in my reviews, so I can’t reveal the plot’s intricacies. This book engaged me right away and kept me turning the pages. Ms Foster kept me guessing to the end of the book, then presented several surprise twists that united all the story’s threads. I love a book that ties up all the loose ends nicely, don’t you?

CHASING AMANDA is a nominee for the 2011 Dan Poynter's Global eBook Award (winners to be announced this summer). It's available in print from Amazon and B&N and available in e-book from them as well as from Smashwords and other online sources. Please check back on Wednesday, when Melissa Foster will be a guest here. In the meantime, you can LEARN MORE ABOUT MELISSA'S KINDLE CONTEST at her at her website, http://www.melissafoster.com/


Melissa Foster said...

Thank you for hosting my blog tour and for the kind review. I look forward to stopping in today and chatting with your readers!



Caroline Clemmons said...

Welcome to the blog, Melissa.

Italia said...

"Chasing Amanda" is a book about regret, redemption, "gifts", the balancing of family and doing what's right, and so much more. Melissa is a master storyteller who can lead us masterfully from the horrors of a child's abduction to the resolution of another's with the finesse of a writer whose work is far beyond her years. She will have you drawn in like a lamb and have your emotions twisting inside of you before you know what's hit you!

Fiver Report said...

Fake awards. http://zonalert.wordpress.com/2013/08/21/the-shameful-fake-writing-awards-of-melissa-foster/