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Readers, please welcome debut author Vonnie Davis as a guest poster today.


There are so many different kinds of romance. If I had to pick one type, I doubt I could do it. At the top would be comedic romance in any sub-genre. I do love to laugh. Another one of my favorites is romantic stories that revolve around a family, with all those wonderful, complex dynamics. I enjoy getting to know each family member.

STORM’S INTERLUDE includes a small family—Storm, his twin sister Sunny, who has leukemia, and her little boy, Sawyer—who all live on the Triple-S Ranch. An important part of the family is Noella, the housekeeper, who raised the twins from the age of five when their mother deserted them. Also part of this extended family is Storm’s best friend and the love of Sunny’s life, Police Chief Jackson Cole. Enter Sunny’s new nurse, Rachel, who blends in with the family quite well, except for the fire-sparks between her and Storm.

Noella as she might look
 To my surprise, my favorite character in my contemporary romance turned out to be Noella. Now, Noella is, to use the cliché, the moral compass of the family. Expressing her feelings is as common for her as making breakfast or running the vacuum. She rules the house and keeps Storm in line by threatening to stop cooking for him. She also has a verbal quirk. Once she voices her opinion, she ends it by saying, “But I say nothing.” I think this little quirk makes her memorable and more human.

Here's the blurb:
Nurse Rachel Dennison comes to Texas determined to prepare her new patient for a second round of chemo. What she isn’t counting on is her patient’s twin brother, Storm Masterson. Despite her initial attraction, Storm has two things Rachel can’t abide: a domineering personality and a fiancée. Half Native American, with the ability to have "vision dreams," Storm dreams about Rachel for three nights before her arrival. Both are unprepared for the firestorm of emotions their first chance encounter ignites. Ultimately, it is Rachel’s past—an abusive, maniacal ex-boyfriend—that threatens to keep them apart…and Storm’s dreams that bring them together again.

Excerpt: I’d like to share a scene with you. Storm is trying to figure out his attraction to Rachel. He’s an engaged man; his loyalties are to his fiancée, so this fascination is not setting well with him. He’s in his office at the ranch, struggling, trying to deny his attraction.
 The sounds of more laughter and water splashing seeped through the open window, so did the music Rachel was so fond of playing. It was good to hear Sunny giggle again. Maybe that was part of the attraction. Gratitude. Was part of what he was feeling for Nurse Rachel gratitude for her helping Sunny?

With her there, much of the tension that permeated the house for so long had evaporated. Noella’s claim that Rachel brought hope was correct. It was like they’d all been given a new lease on life, not just Sunny. He tossed the pen down and stepped to the window again.

“Master Storm, I bring you some coffee and two banana nut muffins.” Noella set the plate and steaming mug on his desk.

“Thanks, Momma Noella. You know the way to my heart.” He glanced over his shoulder and smiled at her.

She stepped beside him and looked out the window. Rachel was holding Sawyer’s hands and dancing with him to a song playing on the CD player. The delighted child was giggling. “Si, I know one way to your heart.” Her head jerked in the direction of Rachel. “Maybe she knows another, huh? But I say nothing.”

“I’m engaged. You know that.” His eyes stayed focused on Rachel.

“Si.” Noella patted his chest. “But your heart, my child, does your heart know that?” She turned and started to walk out.

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Vonnie Davis at a book reading
Thanks, Vonnie, for sharing your debut release, STORM'S INTERLUDE, with us. What a gorgeous cover. From what I've read, this one is a winner. Best wishes for many sales.
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Caroline Clemmons said...

Vonnie, so nice of you to stop by today and share details of your great book.

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Thanks for having me, Caroline. You have a lovely blog and I'm thrilled to be a guest. Talking about my book is always fun, kind of like bragging about one's grandchildren.

Jannine Gallant said...

Family dynamics are so important in books. You can't just have a h&h. How they interact with others tells you a whole lot about them as people.

Most of my books feature children of either the heroine or hero. With two daughters at home to use as models, it leads to some authentic dialogue!

Looking forward to working my way through my to be read list to yours, Vonnie!

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Thank you, Jannine. You are so right about children and family adding to the richness of a book. I love the zippy dialogue and humor that often warms the pages as much as the sensuality.

LaVerne Clark said...

Hi Caroline and Vonnie!

Thanks for another great excerpt Vonnie - I can't wait to get into Storm's Interlude. I love your voice, you really know how to keep your readers entertained!

Luanna Stewart said...

Hi Vonnie, and congratulations on your recent release. Your blurb sounds great and the excerpt hooked me. You sure do mess with your characters, eh? LOL!

Wishing you many sales!!

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

HI LaVerne, thanks for stopping by. I hope you do read "Storm's Interlude." He's quite the man.

Melinda said...


I love how you incorporate family into your books Family is the key to everything

Love the excerpt

Walk in harmony,

AJ Nuest said...

Sorry I'm so late, Vonnie! Long HOT day yesterday with lots of splashing kids in the pool. :-). Every time I read another excerpt from Storm's Interlude, my smile grows. This story sounds just amazing, and I promise you the moment a spot opens up on my TBR pile, you're NEXT! I LOVE Noella, and laughed at "But I say nothing." Too funny. My MIL is fond of "Am I right, or am I right?" Hugs and here's to a TON of sales, my friend!

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Lu/Grace...Messing with our characters is one of the things writers love to do, isn't it? Especially to the characters who are a tad bossy or too opinionated. One does love to yank their chain by throwing something or SOMEONE into their lives to turn their emotional world topsy-turvy. oh, yes, 'tis fun!

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Melinda, I agree. Families are so important. The family I wrote about is a blended family that includes a much-loved employee, Noella, and a childhood friend, but what a delightful mix they are.

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

AJ, spending the day splashing in the pool with the kids is so much better than being online. Glad you stopped by when you could. Always great chatting.