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Big news for today's blog!  

First, please join me Thursday and Friday at Sky Purrington's beautiful blog for an interveiw with the characters of my July release, HOME, SWEET TEXAS HOME. Sky will be interviewing Courtney Madison, the heroine, on Thursday and Derek Corrigan, the hero, on Friday. Stop by her blog and leave a comment which includes your email. I'll be GIVING AWAY a PDF copy of HOME, SWEET TEXAS HOME to one person who comments on either day. You can find Sky's blog (and it really is very pretty) at

Disclaimer: Pardon me for promoting my own work. What else can authors to do to convince you to buy our books?

I do love a sale, don't you? ALL FOUR of my backlist titles are on sale at both Smashwords and Kindle for only 99 cents. What a deal!  (Two more will be added next month.) Imagine a full length novel for less than a dollar.

SNOWFIRES is a contemporary romance set in West Texas and Dallas. Penelope Tucker has been the mainstay of her immediate family since the death of her mom. Her father was a gambler who lost everything before he died of a heart attack. If not for Penny's grandfather, she would have lost her home. Now Trent MacLeod has purchased the family business shares her father gambled away. Worse, Trent is determined to take the company in the opposite direction her father had mapped. She knows her father was foolish, but she believes in his business judgement. She vows to fight Trent's plans, but her first attempt strands Trent and her at an isolated cottage in the worst snowstorm of the decade. I took the kernel of this idea from a trip my family made to West Texas one winter. Fortunately, we were stranded at my mom's and not alone in a stranger's home.

BE MY GUEST is a contemporary romance set in and near the small West Texas town of Post. Aurora O'Shaunessy is on her way to Colorado when floodwaters sweep her car off the road. She barely escapes before the vehicle washes down the river. Will Harrison rescues her from the muddy flood and takes her to his home. By the time the water has receded, he knows he wants to keep her in his life forever. Can he convince Aurora to share his life? The idea for this book came from trips we made from the Dallas area to West Texas. The fork of the Brazos River, which is normally mostly dry along this area, becomes a raging torrent in a heavy rain due to the raised railroad bed along the Snyder to Post highway. I knew someone whose car was washed onto the railroad bed. Fortunately, that family was safe and didn't lose their car, but in heavier rains the road is very dangerous. That's Jimmy Thomas on the cover, by the way. He says he's appeared on more book covers than the famed Fabio ever did.

The next two are among my favorites of the books I've written. Sigh. Although I write contemporary mysteries. contemporary and paranormal as well as historical romances, these next two historical reads hold a special place in my heart. If you haven't already, I do hope you'll give them a try.

THE MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE begins in 1878 and is Book One of The Kincaids.
Pearl Parker bakes bread and pastries and also serves as the local midwife and healer for a small isolated community in Tennessee. Since her grandmother died several weeks ago, Pearl and her siblings have experienced a series of mysterious attacks. Drake Kincaid is the heir to his parents' large Texas ranch...if, that is, he marries before his thirtieth birthday only weeks away. He reponds by vowing to find the most unsuitable wife available on his horse buying trip to Tennessee and Kentucky. In Pearl, Drake believes he's found the perfect woman for his marriage of convenience...until Drake realizes that in her startling violet eyes he sees a beautiful woman with a generous soul. Their life together may not have started with hearts and flowers, but Drake and Pearl soon learn that real love, with a breathtaking dose of passion, will make their marriage a true romance. The idea for this story came from a few sentences my grandmother told me about a girl from her village in Tennessee. I don't know what happened to the girl who inspired the story, but I decided to write her a happy ending.

THE MOST UNSUITABLE HUSBAND is Book Two of the Kincaids and is set in 1885. Gambler Nate Bartholomew is in trouble...again. He barely escapes an angry mob prior to being buried alive and clawing his way out of his grave. When he reaches St. Louis, he learns his stepmother has died and he's been left out again. The gambling house that should have been his has gone to a young woman who sells the place, though she hardly needs the money. He vows to get his own back.
Sarah Kincaid came to St. Louis from Texas to help her real mother, who was dying. She realizes Nate is following her, but she enlists his help rescuing three children and getting them to her home in Texas. By the time they arrive, Sarah wants Nate to remain with her. Nate wants to remain with Sarah and the children, but he's already set a major con in motion to cheat the Kincaids and their neighbors. How can he make it right without one of his cohorts killing him? During the time I was plotting this story, our minister gave a sermon on Nathan/Bartholomew and how he changed his name because he was a "new" man. I liked the idea and used those names for the hero. 

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Thanks for reading! Y'all come back.


Karen C said...

I enjoyed Courtney's and Derek's interviews - nicely done.

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