Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Book Review--The Girl on Legare Street

With THE GIRL ON LEGARE STREET, author Karen White delivers another winning paranormal to delight readers. Her earlier book, THE HOUSE ON TRADD STREET began the story of Melanie Middleton and Jack Trenholm with Melanie inheriting an antebellum mansion and the return of her father. THE GIRL ON LEGARE STREET continues that story with the return of Melanie's famous opera singer mother, Ginnette Prioleau Middleton, from whom Melanie has been estranged since Ginnette abandoned Melanie thirty years ago. Ginnette wants a reconciliation, but Melanie is not ready to forgive, in spite of the little girl inside her crying for her mommy.

Melanie sees and talks to dead people. She even receives phone calls from her dead grandmother. Ginnette is an empath, which is why she always wears gloves to protect her from vibrations picked up through her fingertips. Ginnette has returned to Charleston because she senses Melanie is in danger. She's correct! Jack, Melanie, and Ginnette combine forces to protect one another from a perilous foe..

Author Kerrelyn Sparks calls this book "Southern Living Meets Southern Unliving. A Lovely Read That's Elegant, Spooky, Romantic, And Scary." I wholeheartedly agree. Karen White is an amazing author whose work includes the subtle, dry humor I love. She perfectly captures today's Southern living--and I don't mean the magazine. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good paranormal with romance and mystery--and dead people.

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