Saturday, May 01, 2010

Book Review Of Dixie Cash's Latest

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OUR RED HOT ROMANCE IS LEAVING ME BLUE by Dixie Cash is a tongue-in-cheek mystery written by sisters Pam Cumbie and Jeffrey McClanahan. Yes, Jeffrey is a woman and, by the way, one terrific romance author on her own, writing as Sadie Callahan.. The setting for the Dixie Cash series is West Texas, which is where these two authors grew up. In case you think their characterization is off, believe me, it is spot on! I grew up in West Texas, too, and I swear to you their characters are like people I know there. Okay, to my knowledge, none of my friends and relatives have solved a murder, but several have been way too close for comfort! And my husband's cousins own a drive in  in Lubbock, which is very much like Hogg's Drive-In, except Elvis didn't eat there. At least as far as I know..

Debbie Sue Overstreet and Edwina Perkins-Martin are haristylists whose salon is in a former gas station now known as The Styling Station. Due to their success in the first book of the series, SINCE YOU'RE LEAVING ANYWAY, TAKE OUT THE TRASH, Debbie Sue and Edwina have set up a corner of the Styling Station as their private investigator's office, Domestic Equalizers. They specialize in cheating spouses, cheating businessmen, and the occasional murder. Although these books stand on their own, you'll enjoy them even more if you start with the first one.

This is a light-hearted series but it has underlying substance.Debbie Sue's husband, Bobby, is a hunky Texas Ranger. Edwina's main man, Vic Martin, is a former truck driver/veteran/motocycle fan. In their latest, Debbie Sue and Edwina mix it up with the paranormal world. Or, is the seance on the level? You'll have to read the book to find out. With some interesting detours along the way, Debbie Sue and Edwina always catch the crook and/or save the day.

OUR RED HOT ROMANCE IS MAKING ME BLUE won't be released by Avon until June, so you have time to reserve a copy of it and pick up the earlier books. If you can, start with the first one, SINCE YOU'RE LEAVING ANYWAY, TAKE OUT THE TRASH. If you love zany characters, mysteries with just a touch of romance, and good writing, you'll love Dixie Cash books.

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Beth Trissel said...

I enjoy your blog. This sounds like a fun read. :)

Caroline Clemmons said...

Beth, it is a fun read. And don't forget to check out Sadie Callahan's books, too.

Thanks for stopping by.