Friday, May 21, 2010

Courting You Muse

Gene Fowler said, "Writing is easy. All you have to do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until the drops of blood form on your forehead."

What activates your muse? Do you have to court it? Darling Daughter 1 gave me a magic wand to help with my writing. Some days it works; some days it's broken. Okay, maybe I don't really believe the want is magic, but it is pretty.  I keep it by my monitor. After all, it couldn't hurt a person, could it? Each of us needs a little magic in our writing, right? Maybe a fairy would shower that extra sparkle into our work?

Many writers use music to set the mood for their particular work in progress. One friend downloads songs that she feels set the mood for her day's writing.  I find that anything with lyrics detracts from my concentration. Classical music, especially Mozart, sets a nice rhythm for my keystrokes. In fact, I am a fan of Don Campbell's book, MOZART EFFECT, and have the accompanying Cd's. I also listen to chakra aligning CD's, again strictly instrumental. By the time I finish a day's writing, my chakras should be a hundred percent on target.

Experts have stated that music imparts a rhythm to our text that communicates to the reader. Who knows? Each individual responds differently. Pachelbel's "Canon" soothes me. My favorite copy is on a two-CD set entitled "The Most Relaxing Classical Music in The Universe." Isn't that a lofty claim? The Cd's are so enjoyable, however, I have a spare set for the time when these Cd's expire from overuse.  After all, I can't risk displeasing my muse.

Getting away from the computer for a couple of hours might revitalize your creativity. Or do you need a few days away to contemplate? Stress can suffocate our muse. A little R and R never hurts, does it?

Reading also stimulates my muse and gets her contemplating new possibilities. Now, I do NOT mean that I am copying anyone! In fact, when working on a project, I read the opposite type of literature so even my subconscious can't plagiarize. Rather reading relaxes me by taking me away so my creativity surfaces. If a book is particularly well-written and captivating, I read it a second time to analyze the craft techniques.

A muse is not just for writers. No matter what the artistic endeavor, a muse is needed for inspiration. Each of us has a method for courting our muse. What works for you?


Dawn Ius said...

Your daughter is a sweetheart! What a great idea. I hope your wand sprinkles some fairy dust on your writing this weekend :-)

My muse likes Diet Coke. Lots and lots of Diet Coke...

Caroline Clemmons said...

My muse love chocolate and Dr Pepper!