Sunday, May 30, 2010

Where Do You Work Best?

When I first began writing, I worked for a newspaper and did most of my writing at home. My "office" was a corner of the garage. Needless to say, it lacked ambiance. Didn't matter to me--I just.pounded out my articles on an old IBM Selectric.

I remember a quote from Louis L'Amour that he could write sitting on a folding chair on the median at Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood CA. I'll bet he could have, too. He was a great writer whose books I reread. In fact, Hero and I have a section of our bedroom bookcase reserved for Louis L'Amour books.

Through the years, my office space has evolved. Now I have taken over Darling 2's former bedroom. I call it my pink cave, because the walls are a little brighter pink than we planned. When I took over the room, Darling 2 redecorated it with lovely prints suited to a romance writer--a Victorian cherub, hearts, pink roses (my favorite), and a Monet Water Lily print. Very soothing!. One wall is mostly family photos, another holds prints of my book covers.  A couple of bookcases hold my :"keeper" books. It's a pleasant writing retreat. Definitely a step up from a corner of the garage, right?  Of course, the room is not entirely mine. Our three cats share it with me. I doubt they care what color the walls are or what's hanging on them, as long as the litter box is clean and the food and water bowls are full. Hero and I are the cat's staff and they don't tolerate slow service.

The point of this article is that a nice office makes writing more comfortable and more pleasant, but it's not necessary to a writer. We write because we just can't help ourselves. LOL

The late science fiction writer Warren Norwood taught writing classes. He said the most important tool for a writer is a comfortable chair. I can agree. Sitting at a computer (or typewriter if you have to) all day leaves your back, shoulders, and neck in kinks. Sure, I could write while sitting on a folding chair, but thank goodness I don't have to!

Talented romance writer Lorraine Heath once said her dream place to write would be an office in the Texas hill country with a huge picture window to look out on a pastoral landscape. Sounds great, doesn't it? I think of the tree at the top of my blog as my window. Darling 1 took the photo. That giant tree soothes and invites me to sit in the shade under its limbs and curl up with a good book. Yeah, in my daydreams I can ignore fire ants' existence.And bugs n general. But can you see what I mean about inviting?

Romance writer and radio celebrity Candace Havens said she does most of her writing in a recliner with her laptop balanced on a pillow on her lap. And she can write while watching TV. Yikes! Talk about using both sides of your brain and multi-tasking.

Do you have to have a special place to write or pursue your hobbies? Do you require quiet or can you shut out noise?

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