Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Value of Networking

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend an all-day conference held by Yellow Rose Chapter of Romance Writers of America. Christie Craig and Rachel Caine spoke and editors from Sourcebooks and Samhain took appointments. The luncheon was catered and was absolutely wonderful, the centerpieces were fresh flowers, there were fabulous gift baskets given away, and free books. The main benefit, of course, was networking with other writers and with the editors. Thanks to all those who participated in this lovely day.

Events like this recharge a writer's batteries and feed his or her muse. I am always so pshyched up by the end of an event that I can hardly wait to rush home and start writing. Having Deb Werksman from Sourcebooks request my WIP (work in progress) ramped up my adrenaline even more! Isn't it lovely when someone you like and respect likes your ideas? By the time I returned home, I felt as if I could boost the energy of the Energizer Bunny!

Every profession (as far as I know) has conferences/conventions. For some jobs, attendance is required and/or funded by the employer. Not so writers. We're on our own. Budget constraints may prevent a writer from traveling long distances or attending major conferences with high registration, but most writers have access to a local conference.

No matter how many events a writer has attended or how multi-published a writer may be, he or she can always glean information from a conference. Yesterday I picked up some choice information (and some hilarious stories from Christie Craig). Plus, I was able to visit with friends I don't see often. What a great day!

I hope each of you can attend your profession's conference this year. Treat yourself to a day of revitalization!


Anonymous said...

So far I haven't gone to any conferences. I do know that it is important and beneficial, though.

Caroline Clemmons said...

Andrea, I find that I receive more benefit from the small conferences than the national one. I'd love to attend RWA Nationals, of course. For the money, though, I can attend several small conferences where I am able to interact on a more personal level with authors, editors, and agents.