Monday, May 31, 2010

What I Learned in the Blogathon

May has been a month of blogging for the Word Count's May 2010 Blogathon. I was already blogging daily, so that wasn't new for me. Nevertheless, I have learned several.things:

1. I have discovered several new blogs I enoy. Another way to avoid work--not that I ever procrastinate, you understand. Yeah, right!.

2.  Blogging is work. Yes, blogging every day requires digging for subjects. Not that I have trouble rattling on and on, mind you, but finding something others might find interesting is a challenge..

3. The cyberworld is not my friend, but it can work for me. With help from my daughters and husband, that is. We all need help sometimes, right?

4. When I think about writing 365 posts, it's sounds impossible. One a day sounds easier. Yes, I sometimes play mind games with myself. Occasionally, it even works.

5. Organizing an event like the 2010 Blogathon must be a real headache for Michelle Rafter. Thank goodness she did it for us. Sometimes it's better to be a follower than a leader.

Tomorrow, June 1st, I'll announce the winner of my May Blogathon Contest. Today is your last chance to leave a comment to enter. Signing on as a follower counts as a second entry. Hurry, hurry!

Also, tomorrow begins my participation in the Summer Reading Trail 2010.
As you celebrate your extra day off from work, please remember the reason for our holiday. Pray for all those who are in the armed services now and give thanks for those who died so that we can be free.

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Michelle Rafter said...

Thanks for the nice thoughts. It was more fun than work, though on a day like today when I'm inside getting things wrapped up and the sun's finally shining here I really wish I was doing something else.

I'm so glad you participated this year!

Michelle Rafter