Thursday, May 13, 2010

Writing Is A Great Job!

Starting a new book. How exciting! The outline is mapped out, the first chapter is finished, and ideas are popping into my head. Do others feel the same way about launching a new project? I hope so. It's an adrenaline rush, which makes it hard to concentrate on the mundane tasks of everyday life. All I want to do is write. Who needs clean laundry or groceries, right?  Not me. I can sit at my keyboard in my sweats or robe and live in my characters' minds for hours at a time.

Eventually nature calls and I have to visit the restroom. On the way back to my pink cave (office), I get a glass of water or a Dr Pepper. Probably I'd get hungry after a day or so if Hero didn't stick his head around the door of my office and ask the question that strikes dread in many hearts, "What's for dinner?" At least he's supportive and adds, "Are you cooking, or should I just find something on my own?" Some days, he even says, "Your dinner is ready."  What a guy!

The point is, writers lose themselves in their stories. Literally sometimes, because I often lose track of time. As Celia Yeary wrote today in her blog, we are passionate about writing.  We can exist on the stuff of our dreams. Doesn't explain my waistline, but you probably understand what I mean. I love to write, and a new story that is going well is like a dozen Vitamin B-complex shots to my system.

I am a godess! I create worlds! I envision characters and give them life! And I don't even need a special wardrobe to work. Is this a great job or what?


Caroline Clemmons said...

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Joan Lambert Bailey said...

I couldn't agree more. I was just thinking today how much I love what I do (along with farming), and then realizing the laundry was still on the line, dishes weren't done, etc. I do remember to water the plants and grind the coffee, but that's about it.

Caroline Clemmons said...

Joan, the secret is to have lots of dishes so you don't run out often. LOL Of course, we have to come out of our imaginary world and deal with life. Knowing we can do what we love every day is a wonderful way to live, isn't it?

Dawn Ius said...

Often I forget how lucky I am to be able to write. Yes, it is a GREAT job.