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The Prince of Light by Tasarla Romaney

The Prince of Light:  Book 3 of the Night of the Gryphon series

by Tasarla Romancey



The Prince Of Light, the third book of the Night of the Gryphon series, the members of the quest learn that things are far more complicated than they thought. It’s not as simple as securing the crystals needed to activate the Specter of Hope and fighting the final battle.  


The fabric holding the elements of life in place has begun to unravel: 


Five dragons are hatched. Designed to be guardians of the Elders, who have been gone for centuries from the world of humans and the Land of Shadows, there is nothing that can destroy the dragons – or possibly – control them. Crenshaw and his sister Syvia are distant descendants of the Elders, but will it be enough to stop the beast from devouring all living things? 

The god, Darivic, is on the verge of losing control of the Land of the Dead and with it the paths to the afterworld will be permanently destroyed ending the life/death cycle. 

The looming destruction of all living things becomes more real as the forsaken break through their barrier.  


While the final battle must take place to reset the scales of balance between light and dark, first Sancha, Taraly, Crenshaw, Jalie, and Taigo need to return things to the way the Fates had meant them to be.  





Crenshaw didn't bother to voice they had no idea where Sancha was besides on some mission to the Land of the Gryphons where the Green Lady had sent him. While he would not tell Rysa or Jasper of his concerns, he truly doubted the Green Lady wanted the side of light to prevail. "Any suggestions on how to survive the pass?" He took the meat Rysa held out. "Besides not entering it." 

"To be dead," Jasper walked over to them. "All three heads feast only on fresh kill." 

"Thanks for your suggestion. Anything Rysa?" He looked over at the warrior. Her yellow eyes shone with amusement. 

"No, I agree with Jasper. We have to be dead." 

"I'd say I don't like that idea but I'm sure you both would view that as whining. So instead, I'll ask, how am I going to die and continue the quest?" 

Rysa held up the rabbit pelts. "You just have to smell like you're dead." 




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