Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Where the Trees Know You By Kerri Merriam Buckton

 Where the Trees Know You 


By Kerri Merriam-Buckton


Synopsis of the book: 

Rowan is still reeling from the discovery of her husband's affair and their subsequent separation. She is grappling with her new identity as a single woman and wondering how to move forward, when a message from the past thought to be long gone returns to her. This, along with her family's urging, convinces her to get away from it all and travel back to Ireland, a land she has always felt drawn to, and a place she remembers being truly happy. But this trip will become more than something to lift Rowan's spirits. It will teach her lessons in love, forgiveness, saving oneself, and the true meaning of home. 


He brought our hands up, entwining his fingers with my own, and placed his free hand on the small of my back.  I put mine on the back of his right shoulder, and we held each other in a dancer's embrace. As we began slowly moving with the music, I stared at his chest in front of me, not daring to look up. This was the closest we had been since he leaned in to kiss my cheek the night before. Now though, he held me in his arms.  

We continued swaying together to the melody, me still staring straight ahead, when I felt Declan squeeze my hand. I lifted my head to look at him. Our eyes met and held. Then seemingly in unison, slowly, bit by bit, he lowered his face to mine, and I lifted my face to meet his. We inched closer and closer together until finally, our lips met. 




About the Author: 

Kerri Merriam-Buckton grew up in the town on Saugeen Shores, alongside beautiful Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada. When she's not writing, she devotes her time to her husband and three children and dreams of traveling the world and discovering new stories. Where The Trees Know You, is her first novel. 






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