Friday, June 10, 2022


 Are you keeping up with the Love Train Series? Each book is a stand-alone story, even though a portion of each takes place on the Union Pacific 1216, with Henry Manners as the matchmaking conductor. My book, SAMANTHA, was released on June 1st. If you haven’t read it yet, please do! It’s available in e-book, print, and is in Kindle Unlimited.

 Here’s the buy link:

Next is PENELOPE: SWEET HISTORICAL WESTERN ROMANCE, book 6, Love Train Series, by Heather Blanton. PENELOPE will be released June 15, but is available for preorder now at

Check out the description to see what a clever plotline Heather has written:

She's about to say, "I Do," when a telegram tells her, "Run!"

Penelope Barker believes in marrying for love ... love of food on the table and a roof overhead. Marrying a crime boss then might mean a little scandal, but it also means plenty of hot meals, soft beds, and decent clothes.

Mere minutes before the wedding, Penelope receives a telegram from her sister warning her that the groom is a killer, and she must run. Trusting her sister, and admonished not to trust anyone else, Penelope dons a nun's habit and jumps a train to Misery, Wyoming.

Lucius "Lucky" Burnett is a range detective--a term synonymous with hired gun. His wake of dead bodies never bothered him until an innocent child was killed. Now, Lucky believes he's not decent company for anyone, especially a good woman.

Hired by the Lodgepole Ranch to find rustlers, he meets the puzzling, sassy nun on the train and the more they're around each other in Misery, the more the attraction grows. There's not a thing he can do about it, of course.

But when trouble finds Penelope, the truth behind her habit sparks gut-wrenching choices ... for them both.

Will the sacrifices for love bring them what they want ... or keep them apart for good?

Grab this Christian clean and wholesome historical western romance in the Love Train Series today! 

As I mentioned previously, Charlene Raddon designed the cover for each of the books in the Love Train Series. She also conceived the idea. Pam Crooks has helped Charlene implement and market the series. I feel honored to be in this group. Don’t miss any of the books. Here’s the series release schedule:


Book 1  ~ Pam Crooks ~ April 1


Book 2  ~ Shanna Hatfield ~ April 15


Book 3  ~ Margaret Tanner ~ May 1


Book 4  ~ Charlene Raddon ~ May 15


Book 5  ~ Caroline Clemmons ~ June 1


Book 6  ~ Heather Blanton ~ June 15


Book 7  ~ Kit Morgan ~ July 1


Book 8  ~ Jo-Ann Roberts ~ July 15


Book 9 ~ Winnie Griggs ~ August 1


Book 10  ~ Linda Broday ~ August 15

You can find the Love Train Series Page on Amazon at this link:

Stay safe and keep reading!  

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