Friday, June 03, 2022


By Caroline Clemmons

It’s finally here! SAMANTHA: Sweet Historical Western Romance, Book 5, Love Train Series, is now available in e-book, print, and Kindle Unlimited!

Have you ridden a passenger train? I love riding the train, but haven’t in years. On long trips, like Samantha, we sat up all the way. She was well-to-do and merely saving the cash she had for her escape. When I was a child and we rode the Santa Fe Chief, we couldn’t afford to book a sleeping compartment. I still loved the trips. I’ve also been fortunate enough to ride trains in Great Britain and Germany. In Scotland, one called a Budd train, didn’t even have an engineer or conductor. I enjoyed each type of passenger train and would love to travel on one again.

Whether or not you’ve ridden a train, you’ll enjoy reading about Samantha and Kent’s trip to Oregon on the Union Pacific. Samantha is escaping from a killer who’s targeted her. Kent has resigned from the Pinkerton Detective Agency and is on the way to his Oregon ranch.

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I’ve enjoyed the first four books of the Love Train Series. After mine, SAMANTHA, five books are yet to be released, and you can pre-order them. Releases are on the 15th and 1st of the month through August 15th. If you missed any or want to preorder them, here’s the Amazon page for the Love Train books.

Below is a list of the books and their release date.


Book 1  ~ Pam Crooks ~ April 1


Book 2  ~ Shanna Hatfield ~ April 15



Book 3  ~ Margaret Tanner ~ May 1


Lula Mae

Book 4  ~ Charlene Raddon ~ May 15



Book 5  ~ Caroline Clemmons ~ June 1



Book 6  ~ Heather Blanton ~ June 15



Book 7  ~ Kit Morgan ~ July 1



Book 8  ~ Jo-Ann Roberts ~ July 15



Book 9 ~ Winnie Griggs ~ August 1



Book 10  ~ Linda Broday ~ August 15



 Keep reading and stay safe! 

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